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Comments from our clients


Mike and Scott,
I want to take a moment to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate your incredible work and dedication on our remodel project. Over the years we have invested heavily in multiple real estate projects. This project is the only time we felt that our builder is as interested in a successful outcome as we were. We knew you were always looking out for our best interest from the start to completion. We are extremely lucky to have found you guys, as our remodel turned into a rebuild. You have managed to turn our 'ugly duckling' and eyesore into the showcase home of our neighborhood. Your vision, design insights, and attention to detail are impeccable.  


Our standards are quite high, and I know we expect a lot. You have blown us away throughout this process, even exceeding our project expectations. Not only would we highly recommend your company, but we are looking forward to working with you on our next project.

This has been a wonderful experience, and we have enjoyed the entire process.

Thanks again!
Bruce and Pamela




Dear Mike and Scott –
We would like to express our gratitude toward the team at Regency West for making our Lake Sammamish house, built in the early 1980’s, truly feel like our home. We purchased this property knowing we had work to do in order to take advantage of the lake front and mountain views. We also wanted to open up our kitchen and living area to entertain our family and friends as we enjoy doing. We had our own thoughts about the changes and had talked with other designers and architects. Truly, most of those ideas went by the wayside, once designer Scott Cates walked in the door. We credit Scott for creating the vision we were seeking; and we credit Regency for putting Scott’s vision into action. The result: a home reflecting our relaxed yet refined style. A home where we are happy to have hoards of teenagers or entertain business associates.

Comments from friends who have seen our home before and after the remodel:

“Wow, I cannot believe this is the same home.”

“You did an incredible job bringing the

outside inside of your home.”

“I cannot believe how open and airy it

feels without adding square footage.”

We were pleased with the work of each and every sub and finish contractor associated with Regency. We were happy not only with Scott Cates’ design expertise but also his project management. The attention to detail given by Jim, Vitale and Vlad and their dedication to our project was top notch.


We recently hosted a party with about 50 guests and it felt great to have a good flow without any bottleneck areas. We are more than happy to have the remodel behind us but would we use Regency if we were to do it again? Without a doubt!

Susan and John

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